Program of study: mechanical engineering 240ECTS

Semester (contact hours/credits)
computer aided design12345678
   CAD computer aided design1/2
   computer aided design lab3/3
material science basics12345678
   basic science chemistry - general and inorganic2/2.5
   introduction to material science2/2.5
mathematics 112345678
   mathematics 16/7.5
non-technical elective subject (min. 5 credits)12345678
   career opportunities for engineers4/5
   common law2/2.5
   engineering liability2/2.5
   language and culture4/5
   language and engineering4/5
   Principles of shipping4/5
   physics lab2/2.5
Practice project 1 (only dual students)12345678
   Practice project 10/15
basic principles of information technology12345678
   basic principles of information technology 4/5
machine elements 112345678
   machine elements 1 2/2.5
   machine elements 1 lab 2/2.5
materials technology12345678
   materials technology 2/2.5
   materials technology lab 2/2.5
mathematics 212345678
   mathematics 2 6/7.5
mechanics of materials12345678
   mechanics of materials 6/7.5
   dynamics 4/5
high level programming12345678
   high level programming 2/2.5
   high level programming lab 2/2.5
machine elements 212345678
   machine elements 2 4/5
   machine elements 2 lab 2/2.5
   production techniques 4/5
technical thermodynamics12345678
   technical thermodynamics 4/5
electrical engineering and electronics12345678
   electrical engineering and electronics 3/3
   electrical engineering and electronics lab 1/2
fluid mechanics12345678
   fluid mechanics 3/3
   fluid mechanics lab 1/2
heat technology12345678
   heat technology 3/3
   heat technology lab 1/2
key qualification (min. 10 credits)12345678
   Arbeitspädagogische Grundlagen nach AVEO Handlungsfeld 1 und 2 (Ausbilder-Eigungsverordnung - BBiG) 3/2.5
   Arbeitspädagogische Grundlagen nach AVEO Handlungsfeld 2 und 3 (Ausbilder-Eigungsverordnung - BBiG) 3/2.5
   business administration for engineers 4/5
   design challenge - organisation 4/5
   European Union: Ideas, Challenges and Perspectives (ENGL) 4/5
   German as a foreign language A1 (only for non-German-speaking exchange students) 4/5
   German as a foreign language A2 (only for non-German-speaking exchange students) 4/5
   German as a foreign language B1 (only for non-German-speaking exchange students) 4/5
   German as a foreign language B2 (only for non-German-speaking exchange students) 4/5
   Intensive Chinese language course 2/2.5
   Intensive conversation course in English 4/5
   Intensive French language course for preparation study abroad for advanced students 4/5
   Intensive language course French for preparation abroad 4/5
   Intensive language course Spanish for preparation abroad 4/5
   intercultural communication and management 4/5
   International Project: Development of cross-platform smartphone apps (ENGL.) 4/5
   logistics planning in automotive industry 4/5
   production planning in automotive industry 4/5
   project 4/5
   projectmanagement 4/5
   qualitymanagement 4/5
   Skills for the world of work 4/5
specialization area Cyber-physical systems (20ECTS)12345678
   databases 2/2.5
   databases lab 2/2.5
   introduction in operating systems 2/2.5
   introduction in operating systems lab 2/2.5
   object oriented programming 3/3
   object oriented programming lab 1/2
   software engineering 3/3
   software engineering lab 1/2
specialization area development and construction (30ECTS)12345678
   design 3/3
   design lab 1/2
   light weight construction 4/5
   machine elements 3 2/2.5
   machine elements 3 lab 2/2.5
   mechanical vibrations 4/5
specialization area energy and process engineering (30ECTS)12345678
   microbiology 3/3
   microbiology lab 1/2
   organic chemistry 2/2.5
   organic chemistry lab 2/2.5
   power engineering 4/5
   process engineering 1 3/3
   process engineering 1 lab 1/2
specialization area production (30ECTS)12345678
   machine tools 3/3
   machine tools lab 1/2
   materials and surface technology 3/3
   materials and surface technology lab 1/2
   mechanical vibrations 4/5
   production technology 3/3
   production technology lab 1/2
technical elective (min. 30 credits)12345678
   see separate list "Technical elective" 0/0
industrial placement (for non dual students only)12345678
   industrial placement 24/30
Practice project 2 (only dual students)12345678
   Practice project 2 0/15
electrical machines and drive technology12345678
   electrical machines and drive technology 4/5
   electrical machines and drive technology lab 2/2.5
measurement and control technology12345678
   measurement and control technology 4/5
   measurement and control technology lab 2/2.5
bachelor thesis12345678
   final project 10/12
practical phase12345678
   practical phase 14/18