Course: numeric mathematics

Course no. :n/a
ECTS credits:5
Lecturer(s):Prof. Dr. rer. nat. H. Ortleb
Available: winter term summer term
Course type:Lecture/practical exercises
Exam type:Written e. 2h or oral examine
Exam requirements:Knowledge about course contents
Objectives:After completing the module, students understand the fundamentals of the numerical solution of problems with the computer. They can qualitatively evaluate the numerical results of numerical algorithms. Basic numerical methods can be performed both manually and with a computer and applied to scientific-technical problems. By the end of this course students understand the theory of algorithms such as LU and QR factorization, and are able to apply them for example to least squares calculations. They understand multistep and Runge–Kutta methods for ordinary differential equations.
Course contents:This lecture covers basic modules that are relevant to many engineering issues. These include number representation in the computer, condition and stability of algorithms, linear equation systems, LU and QR factorization of matrices, interpolation, least squares method, numerical integration and integration of ordinary differential equations.
Literature:[1] W. Dahmen, A. Reusken: Numerik für Ingenieure und Naturwissenschaftler, Springer-Verlag, 2008, ISBN-13 978-3-540-25544-4
[2] P.Deuflhard, A.Hohmann: Numerische Mathematik I: Eine algorithmisch orientierte Einführung, de Gruyter-Verlag Berlin u.a. 2002, ISBN 3-11-017182-1
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available in modul:1 - engineering basic module in semester 9
1 - engineering basic module in semester 9
numeric mathematics in semester 9
_ 1. technical elective (obligation to vote) CORE master electrical engineering in semester 9
_ 1. technical elective (obligation to vote) CORE master mechanical engineering in semester 9
numeric mathematics in semester 8