Course: Intercultural negotiations and presentations

Course no. :n/a
ECTS credits:5
Lecturer(s):M.A. A. Menn
Available: winter term summer term
Course type:Lecture/practical exercises
Exam type:Seminar paper and presentation
Exam requirements:Regular attendance in the intensive course
Objectives:Provide students with knowledge and understanding of the cultural dimensions and its implications for presentations and negotiations in intercultural business settings
Enable students to improve their presentation and negotiation skills in English language
Support students in developing cultural sensitivity which is needed to succeed in intercultural interactions
Course contents:Working in a globalized world requires a deeper insight in how culture influences communication. This course explores which challenges might arise when presentations and negotiations are conducted in global business settings. The course introduces students to culturally determined differences in values, attitudes and behaviour as well as to develop intercultural competence and negotiation skills. Specific topics include understanding the foundations of culture and communication; verbal and non-verbal communication, structures of presentations, use of visualization, leadership, team building and decision making across cultures; different phases of negotiations and conflict resolution. Students will have an opportunity to study concepts and theories from literature in the field of intercultural communication and to apply the acquired knowledge in hands-on activities such as giving short presentations, and simulating negotiations in order to gain relevant skills.
Literature:Fisher, R.; Ury, W.;Patton, B. (1991): Getting to Yes. Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In, London, Business Books Limited
Powell, M. (2010) : Dynamic Presentations, Cambridge University Press
Powell, M. (2010): International Negotiations, Cambridge University Press
Trompenaars, F; Hampden-Turner, C. (1997): Riding the waves of culture, Nicholas Brealey, London
available in modul:3 - research- / interdisciplinary advanced modules in semester 9
_ 3. key qualification MASTER in semester 9