Modul: electrical engineering 2

Modul no. :n/a
ECTS credits:5
Expenditure of time:54h contact time + 96h self study
Modul type:compulsory module
Duration:1 semester
Supervisor:Prof. Dr. H. Lenz-Strauch
Requirements:The successful participation in the modules mathematics 1and 2 and electrical engineering 1 is recommended.
Objectives:The students know the characteristics and impacts of electrical and magnetic fields. They are able to analyze and understand the assembly and functionality of technical applications on basis of electrical and magnetic forces and to design straightforward systems. They have a solid basis to expand their knowledge of electrical and magnetic fields and forces in selfstudies.
Contents:In this module the following topics are covered: electrostatic fields, charged particles in electrostatic fields, magnetic fields, induction, Lorentz –force as well as energy and forces in electrical and magnetic fields. Furthermore the behavior of materials in electrical and magnetic fields and electric drives (exemplarily) are outlined. In the laboratory the topics of electrical engineering I and II are trained practically in experiments.
Applicability:Mandatory module for this study course and elective mandatory module for other bachelor courses.
Teaching methods:Lecture, exercise, self organized studies, laboratory training, colloquium
Individual courses:electrical engineering 2 in semester 3
electrical engineering 2 lab in semester 3