Modul: specialization area production (30ECTS)

Modul no. :n/a
ECTS credits:20
Expenditure of time:216h contact time + 384h self study
Modul type:technical elective
Duration:3 semester
Supervisor:Prof. Dr.-Ing. A. Valdivia
Requirements:no requirements
Objectives:The optimization of processes in production with the objective of product and process optimization. Are topics in the specialization area production. The specialization area production with its associated events prepares the students more intensively for the tasks in this area. After completing the specialization area, students gained in-depth knowledge in the field of production. They have understood the contents of the sub-topics and can transfer the acquired knowledge to current topics and tasks. Related problems can be described and students are able to develop, present and implement solutions.
Contents:The course contents are derived from the events related to the specialization area. The events may be updated taking into account developments in science and research. They will be published in due time before the beginning of the semester.
Applicability:in the associated program of study
Teaching methods:see related courses
Further information:see related courses
Individual courses:mechanical vibrations in semester 4
production technology in semester 4
production technology lab in semester 4
machine tools in semester 6
machine tools lab in semester 6
materials and surface technology in semester 6
materials and surface technology lab in semester 6