Modul: key qualification

Modul no. :n/a
ECTS credits:select at least 10 credits
Expenditure of time:108h contact time + 192h self study
Modul type:elective module key qualification
Duration:1 semester
Supervisor:Prof. Dr. L. Nolle
Objectives:Besides the primary technical contents of the study course this module offers non-technical qualifications, necessary for a successful, responsible, and sustainable professional work in the economic and socio-cultural environment.
Contents:In varying courses, predominantly given by specially qualified visiting lecturers, applied economics and competences in planning, management, personnel management, intercultural communication etc. are procured.
Applicability:elective mandatory module for all Bachelor courses
Teaching methods:depending on the submodule
Further information:The department identifies the particular lectures actually new for every semester and announces the propositions in time.
Individual courses:Arbeitspädagogische Grundlagen nach AVEO Handlungsfeld 1 und 2 (Ausbilder-Eigungsverordnung - BBiG) in semester 4
Arbeitspädagogische Grundlagen nach AVEO Handlungsfeld 2 und 3 (Ausbilder-Eigungsverordnung - BBiG) in semester 4
business administration for engineers in semester 4
European Union: Ideas, Challenges and Perspectives (ENGL) in semester 4
Intensive language course French for preparation abroad in semester 4
Intensive language course Spanish for preparation abroad in semester 4
intercultural communication and management in semester 4
International Project: Development of cross-platform smartphone apps (ENGL.) in semester 4
logistics planning in automotive industry in semester 4
production planning in automotive industry in semester 4
project in semester 4
projectmanagement in semester 4
qualitymanagement in semester 4
Skills for the world of work in semester 4