Modul: production

Modul no. :n/a
ECTS credits:5
Expenditure of time:54h contact time + 96h self study
Modul type:compulsory module
Duration:1 semester
Supervisor:Prof. Dr.-Ing. B. Thoden
Objectives:Basic knowledge of important manufacturing procedures and manufacturing processes as well as production techniques under the aspect of the work of a production engineer.
Contents:Introduction: classification of manufacturing procedures; quality and introduction to quality management. Classification according to DIN 8580: primary shaping, forming, machining, joining, coating. Primary shaping: casting of metals; powder metallurgy; plastics processing; rapid prototyping. Forming: fundamentals of metal forming; bulk forming processes (rolling, forging, extrusion); sheet forming processes (deep drawing, stretch forming, IHPF, bending). Joining: welding; soldering and bonding; adhesive bonding; joining of plastics; joining by forming procedures. Cutting and machining processes: cutting, machining with geometrically defined and undefined cutting edges. Coating: Introduction and overview about the main coating processes.
Applicability:Compulsory module for this course of studies and an elective module for other study paths.
Teaching methods:Lecture, self organised studies
Individual courses:production techniques in semester 3