Modul: computer aided design

Modul no. :n/a
ECTS credits:5
Expenditure of time:54h contact time + 96h self study
Modul type:compulsory module
Duration:1 semester
Supervisor:Dipl.-Ing. W. Meyer
Objectives:The students are able to evaluate and to check a 2D- Design (Drawing) of standardized representation derived from a 3D- model, and if necessary complement in the CAD system. In addition, the students are able to create 3D- designs and implement the philosophy and strategy of a modern 3D- CAD system.
Contents:This module teaches the basics of the 3D- CAD technology and technical communication as well as the creation of standard compliant technical drawings. The module contents includes the representation of components in multiple views, the creation of title blocks and part list as well as the creation of production-oriented dimensions including tolerances, sectional views, thread representations, surface drawings with surface details and form and position tolerances. The students are also taught to describe simple components in freehand drawings by projections and perspectives.
Applicability:Compulsory module for this course of studies and an elective module for other study paths.
Teaching methods:lecture, tutorial and laboratory
Individual courses:CAD computer aided design in semester 1
computer aided design lab in semester 1