Modul: machine elements 1

Modul no. :n/a
ECTS credits:5
Expenditure of time:54h contact time + 96h self study
Modul type:compulsory module
Duration:1 semester
Supervisor:Prof. Dr.-Ing. J. Ewald
Requirements:A successful completion of the module statik and CAD is advisable.
Objectives:After successfully participation in the module, the students have in-depth knowledge of the ISO fitting and tolerance system and surface textures. They have detailed knowledge of types and application of bolts, pins and most important shaft - hub – connections. The students are able to calculate these mechanical elements. Furthermore the students can design a construction containing only few parts. They are able to calculate the strength and stresses and to prepare the documentation of the construction.
Contents:Subject of this module are tolerances and quality of surfaces. The application and calculation of bolts, pins and the most important shaft - hub – connections are regarded.
Applicability:Compulsory module for this course of studies and an elective module for other study paths.
Teaching methods:lecture, tutorial and laboratory
Further information:Roloff Matek (Vieweg Verlag)
Individual courses:machine elements 1 in semester 2
machine elements 1 lab in semester 2