Course: Agile Product Development

Course no. :n/a
ECTS credits:2.5
Lecturer(s):Prof. Dr.-Ing. K. Mecke
Available: winter term summer term
Course type:Lecture/seminar
Exam type:Written e. 1h or oral examine
Exam requirements: 
Objectives:In todays dynamic corporate environment, agility as ability to react to changes is a vital skill for the success of a company. To improve the speed of reaction, more and more companies are introducing agile working methods. Agile working methods provide the framework for dealing with complex problems within an interdisciplinary team. The focus is efficient and effective teamwork through self-organization and transparency to promote creative solutions.

After the students have successfully participated in this module, they will be able to
- Analyze and structure the requirements of a product development
- Evaluate their own professional competencies, and to compensate gaps within the team competencies
- Identify the strategic approach from problem solving
- Self-organize a team-oriented work plan.
- Independently develop products or solutions, using both – a methodical product development and a methodical framework for the teamwork.
Course contents:- Teamwork according to the agile framework “Scrum”
- Strategies for Product Development:
-- Systematic product development according to Pahl und Beitz, VDI 2221/2222
-- Munich process model
-- Integrated Design Engineering

- Strategies for Software development
-- Different view on the software development lifecycle
-- Planning and Developments
-- Test-Driven Software development
Literature:Rumpe, B.: Agile Modellierung mit UML. Springer, Berlin Heidelberg (2012)
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available in modul:3 - research- / interdisciplinary advanced modules in semester 9