Course: Introduction to robotics lab

Course no. :n/a
ECTS credits:2
Lecturer(s):Dr.-Ing. O. Kuzmicheva
Available: winter term summer term
Course type:Practical exercises
Exam type:Experimental study
Exam requirements:Conducting experiments, reporting, evaluation of laboratory exercises.
Objectives:Conducting experiments, reporting, evaluation of laboratory exercises
The goal of the lab is the practical application of the content taught in the lecture, a better understanding of robotic issues, learning the practical handling and programming of robots.
Course contents:This event serves to illustrate the theoretical content of the lecture "Introduction to Robotics". The laboratory includes practical experiments with the existing manipulators and implementation of a suitable robotics scenario (analysis of the problem as well as the basic conditions for the implementation of the task with existing robots, programming and testing).
Literature:Siehe Vorlesung, look at lecture
available in modul:Introduction to robotics in semester 2
specialization area mechatronics (50ECTS) in semester 2