Course: Signals and systems

Course no. :n/a
ECTS credits:5
Lecturer(s):Prof. Dr.-Ing. U. Totzek
Available: winter term summer term
Course type:Lecture/practical exercises
Exam type:Written e. 1,5h or oral examine
Exam requirements:In-depth knowledge about the description of analog and digital systems with impulse response, transfer function, and frequency response. In-depth knowledge about the characterization of analog and digital signals by an amplitude spectrum and a phase spectrum. Competence in the mathematical description of Fourier analysis by series expansions and transformations. Knowledge about the coherences between Fourier, Laplace and z-transform.
Objectives:see module description
Course contents:see module description
Literature:Beucher, Signale und Systeme, Heidelberg,Springer 2015
Werner, Signale und Systeme, Vieweg, Wiesbaden 2008
Meyer, Signalverarbeitung, Vieweg, Wiesbaden 2017
Ries u. Wallraff, Übungsbuch Signale und Systeme, Heidelberg, Springer 2017
available in modul:Signals and systems in semester 4