Course: electrical measurements lab

Course no. :n/a
ECTS credits:2
Lecturer(s):Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Blohm
Available: winter term summer term
Course type:Practical exercises
Exam type:Experimental study
Exam requirements:Knowledge and abilities in accomplishment, analysis and documentation of experiments on electrical measurements
Objectives:see module description
Course contents:Current and voltage meassurements, error calculation, measurement with the oszilloscope, electrical power measurement, calibration and error correction of measuring devices
Literature:Mühl: Einführung in die elektrische Messtechnik, Wiesbaden: Vieweg+Teubner; Schrüfer: Elektrische Messtechnik, Wien: Hanser; Lerch: Elektrische Messtechnik, Heidelberg: Springer
available in modul:electrical measurements in semester 3