Course: Principles of shipping

Course no. :n/a
ECTS credits:5
Lecturer(s):M.A. A. Tschiersch
Available: winter term summer term
Course type:Lecture/practical exercises
Exam type:???
Exam requirements:Knowledge of the basic concepts of navigation, basic knowledge of terrestrial, astronomical and technical navigation and navigation law.
Basic skills in maneuvering, ship traffic regulation, safety engineering, security, construction of boats, stability, trim and strength of the boat, marine operations, meteorology and oceanography, as well as the communication systems.
Objectives:After successful participation, the participants are able to independently plan and carry out a trip to the sea.Sea chart material of the sea area can be evaluated, the characteristics of the ship, logistical and technical requirements can be considered. The training of accompanying crew members in safety regulations, rescue and naval basic concepts can be carried out. The given course can be controlled by terrestrial, astronomical and technical navigation. Safe and goal-oriented behavior in the case of distress is learned and available
Course contents:nautical basic knowledges
- terrestrial, astronomical and technical navigation
- use of sea charts and maritime books
- Analysis of nautical messages, knowledge of the -communication systems and frequencies
- maritime traffic signals
- Tide time
- Maneuvering
- seamans duty
- Behavior in case of distress, accidents, bad weather
- Knowledge of international emergency signals / rescue signals
- Safety measures and safety equipment
- prevention of accidents
Knowledge of maritime police regulations
- Anti-collision rules
- traffic rules
- Procedural rules
- Maritime licenses / certificates
- Assessment of local weather conditions
- Read weather maps
- Evaluation of wind and storm warnings
Literature:- Sicherheit auf dem Wasser (Broschüre BMVI)
- Seeschifffahrtsstraßenordnung
- Kollisionsverhütungsregeln
- Buch: Sportbootfüherschein See/Sportküsentschifferschein, Axel Bark oder Rolf Dreyer
available in modul:non-technical elective subject in semester 3
non-technical elective subject in semester 1