Course: Numerical Modeling and Simulation of Mechatronic Systems lab

Course no. :n/a
ECTS credits:2.5
Lecturer(s):Prof. Dr.-Ing. T. Bechtold
Available: winter term summer term
Course type:Practical exercises
Exam type:Experimental study
Exam requirements:Successful delivery and defense of the simulation project
Objectives:see module description
Application of simulation tools
The form of the lab course with intensive and autonomous group work requires that the students deal with different communication and working styles in their groups. Accordingly, the students are able to independently apply the basics of classical project management, such as team organization, task planning and division of labor. In this way, they have trained social skills such as teamwork, criticism and communication skills. Furthermore, they have the competence to find solutions to problems and to select the right methods, to conduct research and independent acquisition of knowledge as well as to present and comprehensively document work results.
Course contents:Exercise tasks and / or programming tasks
Literature:S. Howison, „Practical Applied Mathematics Modelling, Analysis, Approximation“, Oxford University Press (2004).
H. K. Versteeg, W. Malalasekera, „An Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics“, Pearson Education Limited, (2nd edition 2007).
G. Smith, Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations: Finite Diference Methods, Oxford University Press, 1985.
The Finite Element Method, Volume 1: The Basis, O. C. Zienkiewicz and R. L. Taylor, edited by McGraw-Hill, Oxford (2000).
Finite Elements Analysis for Heat Transfer, H. C. Huang, A. S. Usmani, Springer Verlag Berlin Heidelberg (1994)
available in modul:2 - technical specialization module in semester 9
2c - technical specialization module: individual in semester 9
_ 2. technical specialization module master electrical engineering in semester 9
_ 2. technical specialization module master mechanical engineering in semester 9