Course: communication skills and confilict management

Course no. :n/a
ECTS credits:5
Lecturer(s):Dr. B. Bischoff
Available: winter term summer term
Course type:Lecture/practical exercises
Exam type:Homework
Exam requirements:The exam module includes
1. a written group work (3 or 4 participants, including 1 moderator / group spokesperson) of a maximum of 20 pages, from which it is apparent that each group member has independently formulated a contribution and worked, but still the group as a whole responsible for the form and content ("of a piece") and
2. in the form of a (on request technology supported) lecture / speech by each member including a moderation within the group presentation. This should simulate a discussion round with different, deliberately controversial points of view. Theme and execution (talk show, personal interview or crisis meeting) are free.

The censorship for the entire group consists of 50% of the housework and 50% of the oral presentation. The learned should be applied and implemented in the groups in order to achieve a team project. The registration at the examination office is done by the students.
Objectives:In business life, hierarchies become flatter, project work requires different teams and their compositions, specialists work in an interdisciplinary manner, management tasks require the mastery of soft skills such as personal responsibility, teamwork, motivation, social competence and an inner (moral-ethical) attitude.
After successful participation in the module, students are prepared for managerial tasks in business life. They know practical resources and tools, which they deepen with practical exercises, with which they are able to competently lead groups and discussions in the professional life. In addition, they have knowledge of questioning techniques to understand problematic behavioral backgrounds and to avoid or eliminate misunderstandings. They have information about the background of how they or the company / product / service is successful. At the same time, they know when it makes sense to delegate decisions in problem cases to third parties (coaches / moderators / mediators) in order to dissolve their own suspicions and to gain freedom of choice.
Course contents:Group work, lectures / speeches, moderation, discussion group (talk show, personal talk or emergency meeting)
available in modul:3 - research- / interdisciplinary advanced modules in semester 9
_ 3. key qualification MASTER in semester 9