Course: engl. Professionelles Auftreten als Instrument der Führungsaufgaben

Course no. :n/a
ECTS credits:5
Lecturer(s): R. Lönner
Available: winter term summer term
Course type:Seminar
Exam type:???
Exam requirements: 
Objectives:Personal Development & Soft Skills: Radiance and Authenticity in Business

Especially people in managerial and responsible positions often do that Experience that technical know-how alone is no longer enough to be successful. The voice and body language can decide whether and how you can attract, convince and inspire employees, supervisors or business partners.
Based on practical exercises, for example, from acting, you know the possibilities of body language and voice after completing this module, you gain more confidence in your strengths through professional feedback.

It is not about getting into a role, but rather expanding your individual expression repertoire and finding your own, individual style.
Your benefit
- They give your statements authentic expression and gain in persuasiveness and sovereignty.
- You gain security for your presentations and performances in front of an audience.
- You consciously use your body language even in difficult situations.
- You are able to bring content to life, with a clear pronunciation and a viable voice.
Course contents:- Mechanisms of body language in harmony with voice and breath
- Optimizing the personal style and own potential
- Constructive handling of stage fright
- development of ones own voice and speech competence

Discussion and feedback sessions, role-playing games, drama exercises, movement exercises, perceptual exercises.
Literature:Die Literatur wird aus didaktischen Gründen noch nicht zum Anfang des Kurses bekanntgegeben. Für eine authentische Umsetzung der Inhalte ist es wichtig, dass zuerst eigene Erfahrungen bei den praktischen Übungen (siehe Methode) gemacht werden. Die Literaturquellen werden den Studierenden im Laufe der Kurseinheiten genannt.
available in modul:3 - research- / interdisciplinary advanced modules in semester 9
_ 3. key qualification MASTER in semester 9