Course: digital systems and simulation, VHDL

Course no. :n/a
ECTS credits:2.5
Lecturer(s):M.Sc. K. Schubert
Available: winter term summer term
Course type:Lecture/practical exercises
Exam type:Written e. 1h or oral examine
Exam requirements:In-depth knowledge of the hardware description language VHDL
Knowledge of the design, simulation and implementation flow using FPGAs and CPLDs
Objectives:The students get acquainted with the theory and application of modern computer-aided design and simulation of digital circuits with programmable logic
Course contents:Architectures of programmable logic
Elements of the hardware description language VHDL
Design, computer simulation and practical testing of combinational and sequential circuits with CPLDs and FPGAs
Introduction to advanced design environments
Literature:XILINX Handbücher und Applikationsberichte/
XILINX Manuals and application notes
available in modul:technical compulsory elective bachelor in semester 6